APR 07 2016

goop by Juice Beauty Perfecting Eye Cream

This is a rich and moisturizing eye cream with an impressive list of ingredients. Sandalwood kernel oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil provide the emollient properties. Aloe leaf juice gives the under-eye area a light cooling sensation, and the lemon, apple and grape juices provide a dose of antioxidants. Kudos too for including peptides, a must-have in any product that calls itself high performance.

Now here comes the criticism. (If you’ve read my review of goop’s Luminous Melting Cleanser here, you know about the questionable claims made by this line.) Just like with the cleanser, the brand copy makes some interesting claims about the essential oil blends and plant extracts in this eye cream. Ever heard of Sweet Iris Leaf Cell Extract? How about Poet’s Daffodil Flower Extract? Me neither. Goop claims that Poet’s Daffodil, “reduces the appearance of brown spots while helping to prevent further pigmentation, leaving a clarified, more even complexion”. A plant extract has the ability to reduce brown spots? I had large brown spots on my chest area from reckless tanning as a teenager. I tried half a dozen topical prescription creams, none of which worked. The only thing that eliminated them was several rounds of laser treatments by a dermatologist. And the claim that Poet’s Daffodil helps prevent further pigmentation? The only thing that prevents pigmentation is staying away from UV rays.

Despite some ambitious claims, this eye cream still manages to be a winner. The mark of a great eye cream is that it can (1) deliver enough moisture to the under-eye area, and (2) create a seamless base for concealer. Goop’s version achieves both. It’s rich and thick and carries a subtle nutty, almond-oil-like fragrance. Under concealer it doesn't cake or create a strange texture, but instead stays put and allows concealer to do its job. I’m very particular about my eye creams because I wear concealer all the time and need a good base for it. If an eye cream makes my concealer cake or crease, I can’t use it. Goop’s Perfecting Eye Cream is one I would buy again.

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