AUG 09 2016

A Healthy Sports Drink That Tastes Like Kool-Aid

I discovered Ultima Replenisher at a Whole Foods in San Diego years ago. I picked up the container and turned it over to read the ingredients label, assuming I would find the usual refined sugars disguised as “natural cane sugar” or “crystalline fructose”, and artificial colors like FD&C and Red40. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that none of the ingredients offended me. In fact they were pretty darn awesome. Hmm…"it probably tastes awful then", I thought. But I bought some anyway, and when I tried it I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. Like Kool-Aid, but better.

What Is It?
Ultima Replenisher is a powder you mix with water or add to smoothies. It comes in 5 flavors: cherry pomegranate, grape, lemon, orange and raspberry. The formula contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I drink it during and after workouts, but also when I’m craving something a little more exciting than water. At home we use the canister version that comes with a little scoop (1 scoop = 1 serving), and when I’m traveling I take the stick packs with me. These single-serving stick packs are travel-friendly and super convenient:

Why I Love the Ingredients

  • Provides electrolytes from a blend of 6 minerals: calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium, each of which has unique benefits.
  • You can read about the benefits of each of these minerals at
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia leaf
  • Colors come from real plant extracts (beta-carotene, grape skin extract, cranberry fruit extract and beet juice)
  • Flavors come from real fruit extracts
  • Vegan, gluten-free, no sugar, no caffeine
  • Zero calories

The most popular flavor in our house: Grape!

It’s sweet but not too sweet, and (IMHO) tastes delicious. It replenishes the electrolytes you need after any kind of physical activity and delivers vitamins and minerals that many people are lacking. And it really quenches your thirst. Which is probably why I find myself mixing these fruity powders into pretty much every glass and bottle of water I have this hot and sweaty summer.

 20 count stick pack box (USD $19.99) 

30 serving canister (USD $19.99)

90 serving canister (USD $39.99)

Available at Whole Foods stores and

This is not a paid endorsement. I am not sponsored by, nor do I have any professional or affiliate relationship with, Ultima Replenisher or Ultima Health Products, Inc. It’s just something I like and want to share with you.