AUG 26 2016

Convenient, Plant-Based and Safe For Kids

File this under “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jill and Jillian in LA this past May and being introduced to their genius product. I had never heard of “Sprucies” before but I was struck. First by their bright, lighthearted, and perfectly quirky branding. Second, by how much thought they had given to improving this often overlooked but important task.

What are Sprucies?

  • What’s inside their adorably branded sachets is even more impressive. Sprucies are individually-packaged cleaning wipes for computers, tablets, mobile phones and glasses.
  • They effectively clean fingerprints, dust and dirt as well as sweat and skin oils and don’t leave any streaks or product residue.
  • Conveniently packaged in individual sachets, so you can throw a couple in your purses, your suitcase, your office drawer - anywhere you might need to clean screens or glasses.
  • I love that the sachets come in seven different colors, each with a slightly different image on it. So every time you go to grab one you never know which design you’re going to get.
  • Your kids will actually want to clean their tablets, phones and glasses. Imagine that.


Then again, it’s not surprising that the “Jills” were able to elevate the mundane task of cleaning screens and lenses to something that’s actually fun. They met while at Harvard Business School and decided to start a business together, so they bring some major smarts and education to the Spruce & Co brand. 

Why I Love the Ingredients

  • What do you use to clean your screens? What about your glasses? You’re probably pausing right now to try and remember. For most of us, it’s whatever we can find nearby. Or a household glass cleaner. Or, in my case, cleaning wipes from Costco that I now realize contain isopropyl alcohol and some undisclosed “surfactants”.
  • Alcohol-based wipes can destroy the touchscreen sensitivity of our devices. Based on the recommendations of manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC, Spruce & Co made their wipes to be alcohol-free.
  • Spruce & Co’s gentle wipes are alcohol and ammonia-free, derived from coconut oil, and vegan. Which also makes them safe for use on screens and glasses touched by little ones.

You won’t find a more effective, safe and (dare I say) fun way to clean bacteria and grime from your phone, tablet, computer and glasses. Keep them stashed around the house, in your handbags and in the kids’ backpacks - you will thank yourself.

10-pack (US $7.99)
20-pack (US $14.99)
40-pack (US $26.99)

Spruce & Co also offers monthly subscriptions to ensure you never run out of Sprucies. See for details.