OCT 25 2016

How I Beat the Mid-Afternoon Slump

I love it when a brand has its thinking cap on. HUM Nutrition created Raw Beauty to address one of my biggest challenges: the mid-afternoon energy slump.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve had breakfast, you’ve had lunch (or like me on most days, you’ve grazed on a bunch of different things between drop-offs, work and errands). It’s almost 3pm and you’re starving. You’re also pretty sleepy and could use a nap. But you’re a grown-up with grown-up things to do so napping isn’t an option. And you don’t want to eat a full meal because you won’t be hungry at dinnertime.

Hmmm…What to eat?

Well, I found a pretty great option. Meet Raw Beauty green superfood powder.

If you like mint chocolate chip, you will love this stuff. It actually tastes like mint chocolate chip. Not like greens with a vague mint chocolate chip-like flavor, but like REAL mint chocolate chip. How HUM managed to get the flavor bang-on while packing so many superfoods into this powder is nothing short of amazing.

8.5 oz (US $39.00) Also available in Tahitian Vanilla and Berry flavors

HUM Nutrition’s Research
HUM surveyed 10,000 women about their snacking and energy patterns, and found that most reach their daily energy low by 2:55pm. When this mid-afternoon slump hits, women tend to reach for not-so-healthy snacks, leading to unwanted weight gain and less-than-perfect skin. So HUM’s nutritionists got to work developing a snack alternative that not only beats the mid-afternoon slump, but also provides metabolism and skin boosting nutrients.

Why I Love the Ingredients

  • A blend of raw, organic green superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass and kale provide your daily dose of nutrients and alkalinize you from the inside out.
  • Adaptogens and antioxidants like moringa, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and organic blueberries provide phytonutrients that boost energy and protect against environmental stress to promote healthy skin and hair. 
  • Matcha green tea gently boosts energy and raises metabolism.
  • Organic flax seeds provide fiber, and together with digestive enzymes and a blend of 3.5 billion probiotics, promote proper digestion and (ahem) regularity. 
  • Note: matcha green tea contains some caffeine, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine be sure not to consume Raw Beauty at night.
  • Non-GMO, sustainably sourced, gluten-free, soy free, vegan, pure whole foods and mostly organic ingredients.
  • Sweetened with organic coconut sugar and stevia (only 2 grams of sugar per serving).

How I Use Raw Beauty

  • My favorite way to drink it is to mix 1 scoop with unsweetened almond milk.
  • You can use any kind of milk, coconut water or non-citrus juice. In a pinch, it also takes good with plain water!
  • You need to mix it well because the powder does clump a little in cold liquids. So if you’re scooping it into a water bottle, make sure you shake it up really well. And if you’re mixing in a glass be sure to stir and stir until the clumps have mostly dissolved.
  • This is a minor inconvenience in my opinion. It happens because the ingredients are whole foods, rather than artificial and highly processed ingredients that are formulated to dissolve quickly. (I’m lookin’ at you, Kool Aid.)
  • Keu’s tip: use only a little milk to start with, and then add the rest when all of the powder has dissolved. You’ll get much less clumping this way.

Above: my Raw Beauty smoothie with 1 scoop Raw Beauty powder, 8 oz. unsweetened almond milk, and a handful of spinach leaves. Blend, add ice and enjoy!

Raw Beauty tastes so good that I look forward to drinking it. It sustains me until dinner time, and I love that I’m getting all those green superfoods, adaptogens, antioxidants, fiber, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It’s packed with 39 superfoods to be exact. And it’s fast and easy to make anywhere I happen to be during the day.

So goodbye mid-afternoon energy slump. I won’t miss ‘ya!

Hum Nutrition products can be purchased at, and Sephora stores.

As with all Keu articles, this is not a paid endorsement. I am not sponsored by, nor do I have any professional or affiliate relationship with, HUM Nutrition Inc. It’s just something I like and want to share with you.