SEP 18 2017

Minimalist Natural Skincare, Maximum Performance

As a mom of two who runs her own business, I don’t always have the time to use a dozen different beauty products (a K-Beauty girl I will never be). So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered a product that works as my serum, primer, day cream, eye cream and night cream. In one single bottle. It’s also the only Canadian skincare line carried at Nordstrom, and for good reason.

It’s Mereadesso’s All-In-One Moisturizer.
Have you read my post on the story of Mereadesso and its amazing founder, Linda Stephenson? It’s a must-read - click here.

Above: me with Linda Stephenson in front of the Mereadesso display at Nordstrom Toronto.


1) Primer
When I use the AIO my makeup goes on more smoothly and lasts longer, and I don’t need as many touch-ups throughout the day, if at all.

2) Serum
Every skin-beneficial ingredient my skin could possibly need is in here (see “THE RESULTS” below for the deets). Linda taught me that our body is intelligent enough to absorb what it needs to repair itself. So whatever your issue is - redness, lack of hydration, hyper-pigmentation, acne control, fine lines and wrinkles or toning - your skin will take from the AIO the necessary ingredients to tackle it.


3) Eye Cream
It's a lightweight yet highly moisturizing eye cream. The added cucumber fruit extract reduces puffiness around the eyes, and the caffeine from the algae and white tea extracts helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes (you can read the studies at 

Cucumber extract is also what gives the AIO its light, refreshing scent (it’s a naturally derived scent - no synthetic fragrance ingredients). 

4) Day Cream + Night Cream
Most skincare lines have separate day and night creams because they separate into different products the type of ingredients our skin absorbs more readily depending on its metabolic rate (i.e., when the body is or is not at rest). The genius of the AIO is that it contains ALL of these ingredients. So the skin will take from it what it needs regardless of the time of day (just remember to apply an SPF on top of the AIO during the day).

How much do your primer, serum, eye cream, day cream and night cream cost all together? Likely a  lot more than the cost of the AIO.


1. Super Hydration
Here's why the AIO is so great at plumping and hydrating:

- 30% aloe leaf extract (aloe leaf pictured above) boosts hydration and helps other ingredients and products penetrate into the skin.

- grape seed oil (from grapes sourced directly from Tuscany to ensure quality) is incredibly hydrating yet light as air on the skin.

- algae extract (pictured above) helps bind water to the skin.

2. Less Fine Lines + Wrinkles
- Vitamin E, grape seed oil, white tea, and algae extract contain potent antioxidants that reduce free-radical damage from the sun, helping prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

- white tea (pictured above) also contains caffeine, which soothes the skin and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Redness + Blemish Control

  • Chlorophyll (the natural component that makes vegetation green) is what gives the AIO a slight green tint and blocks any visual redness. Chlorophyll is also loaded with skin-loving vitamins and minerals - see why I love chlorophyll in this Well+Good article.
  •  Bilberry, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and sodium help boost cell renewal to reduce redness and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.
  • Bilberry, willow bark extract and salicylic acid help reduce pore size and acne.


The AIO is housed in a metered dose pump in a double walled container, so there’s no need for parabens or other questionable preservatives. Vitamin E (pictured below), together with this sterile pump, are what preserve the product.