OCT 26 2017

You Need This Transitional Lipstick

There’s no turning back, it’s officially Fall. Updating your wardrobe is the easy part. Boots, tights, denim, done. Updating your go-to makeup look isn’t so easy. Which colors say “autumn” without making you look like you’re stuck in the 90’s? Remember those brown, brick and beige lip colors? You definitely don’t wanna go there.

Enter Hynt Beauty’s newest launch: ARIA PURE Lipstick in Tierra Blush. It’s a sophisticated, universally flattering shade of pinkish brown nude.

Why I love it
Tierra Blush is appropriately rich for Fall, but sheer and soft enough to use all year-round. Like all of Hynt’s ARIA lipsticks, it's luxuriously creamy, richly pigmented and lasts throughout the day. And it has Hynt's signature case: there's a small mirror and a lip conditioner hidden in the cap to make on-the-go applications hassle-free and perfect. How ingenious is that?

Why I love the ingredients

  • Hynt's ARIA PURE Lipsticks have a patented 100% GMO-free plant-based complex that boosts water absorption and hydration levels by 25% across the lip's three epidermis layers.
  • The formula is on the upper end of clean and pure: Hynt's lipsticks are vegan, organics-based, non-GMO, gluten free, nut and sesame oil free, non-comedogenic, and free of toxins, petrochemicals, parabens and silicones.
  • The preservative system is all natural and the products are all cruelty-free. What's more, Hynt does not use skin irritating bismuth oxychloride, talc, FD&C dyes, phthalates or mineral oils. 
  • As soon as you swipe it on you can feel how the formula pampers your lips. The secret is a blend of organic oils (castor seed oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil) that soothe and help seal in moisture for a plumped and richly pigmented finish.

As unique as your own lips
This shade looks surprisingly different on varying skin tones, depending on your natural lip color and complexion. On me it’s more red than pink. I would describe it as a pinkish red. On other people it looks more brownish pink. The chameleon-like nature of this shade makes it fun to play with and gives it an exciting unpredictability. However it looks on you, Tierra Blush is a wearable shade that’s entirely appropriate for daytime, even for the office. And it lasts a long time, which is surprising given how hydrating it is.


For my look in this post, I built up the color with a few layers of Tierra Blush using a lip brush (but no lip liner) and paired it with a clean liquid-lined cat-eye. It's super versatile: you can create a soft everyday look by applying it sheer and adding some gloss, or a bolder look by building it up and pairing it with dramatic eyes.

In these pics I’m wearing the Lauren Skater Dress by Tobi, which I just got and couldn’t wait to try on. I absolutely love the scalloped lace detail and the lace back. The front is pretty daring - you can’t be shy about showing cleavage when you wear this dress. I’m busty so I used some double-sided tape to keep the front in place, but smaller-chested girls might not need to. It comes in black and wine and you can find it here.  

Tobi is a line of very reasonably priced women's apparel - they carry tops, dresses and bottoms, outerwear, lingerie, jewellry, bags and shoes. The style is flirty and sexy, but relaxed and casual at the same time. The best part for me is that they carry faux leather handbags and a good selection of faux leather shoes. Oh, and for my Canadian friends, they ship to Canada for FREE and pay for all taxes and duties! No, you didn't read that incorrectly. Who else does that?

The Canadian site is, and the US site is

I'd love to see how Tierra Blush looks on YOU! When you try it on make sure to post a pic on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags @HyntBeauty and #TierraBlush to show the Keu community your unique lip shade.