MAR 28 2016

An Omega-3 Supplement or a Hawaiian Mai Tai?

When we think of omega-3 fatty acids we usually think of fish oil. But fish obtain these omega-3's from the marine algae on which they feed. That's why I prefer to get my omega-3 supplement directly from microalgae and bypass fish completely. In this way I also bypass the ocean contaminants that make their way into fish oil. 

I’ve tried many different ways of getting omega-3’s over the years, from spoonfuls of awful tasting fish oil to large pill supplements, and I can honestly say that I have finally found a product I love!

Ora Organic Plant-based Omega-3 Spray + Vitamin D  

The science:

• Even distilled fish oil has been found to contain toxic industrial pollutants and heavy metals like mercury. Ora's microalgae Omega-3 is 100% vegan, non-GMO and sustainably harvested from drinking-quality water. It contains 500mg of DHA and 250mg of EPA - the medically recommended daily dosage.

• Because it's derived from microalgae instead of fish, Ora's omega-3 does not contain any heavy metals or industrial toxins, and is grown sustainably so you're not contributing to the extinction of our ocean wildlife.
• All the benefits and none of the risks of fish oil: the omega-3's in microalgae have been found to be 100% bio equivalent to the omega-3's in fish flesh.

The benefits:

• Ora has developed a unique spray technology to deliver its Omega-3 supplement. You spray it directly into your mouth, so no need to swallow large capsules or ingest spoonfuls of oil.

• Ora employs an in-house chef who formulates the Ora products with gourmet-caliber attention to flavor. The Omega-3 spray has a subtle pineapple-citrus flavor that tastes like Hawaiian Mai Tai. For the first time in my life I don't need to pinch my nose and hold my breath to take an omega-3. 

Everyone in our house has their own bottle of Ora and takes it every day. The kids say it tastes like gummy bears and look forward to taking their sprays. As does my husband. This is one well-formulated, thoughtful product.

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